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Understand New Car Dealer Cost & How to Negotiate a Great Deal on a New Car in Washington

“Hurry on down before time runs out and buy a new car for only $300 above our factory invoice price!” Sound familiar? This is a common marketing tactic new car dealers use to make unsuspecting car buyers think they are getting a fabulous deal on a new car. Don’t fall for it!

The dealer invoice lists the base price, along with factory-installed options and destination charges. It also includes a dealer holdback essentially inflating the invoice price between 2-3 percent of either the MSRP or invoice price. While the destination charges are non-negotiable, the dealer holdback is returned to the new car dealer once the car is sold.

In other words, the new car dealer cost is hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars less than the factory invoice they claim to be paying. This is a way for new car dealers to build in hidden profits on each new car they sell. When you request a free, no-obligation new car price quote you will receive important pricing information and current incentives being offered by the top competing new car dealers in Washington. Having pricing information will help you to get a great price closer to the new car dealer cost.

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Why should you pay extra for someone else to profit off of you? Imagine the dealerships surprise when you approach them knowledgeable about the invoice price and ready to negotiate for a great price.

How the CSI Can Help You Negotiate a Great Deal on a New Car

Many new car buyers are unaware that auto manufacturers rate their dealerships based upon feedback received from car buyers after they buy a new car. The car dealers with the highest scores get first pick on the best-selling car models; while a lower rated dealership will likely receive less desirable, slower selling cars. This system is known as the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

Knowing about the CSI rating system is a benefit for a new car buyer. Needless to say, if a new car buyer has a bad experience or feels taken advantage of they will not give the dealership a good rating. The CSI rating also determines the amount of bonuses the car dealership and individual salespeople receive. Did a light bulb just go off?

Here’s how it works. At some point after you buy your new car you will receive a survey from the auto manufacturer asking you about your experience with the dealership. You will be asked to score everything from how clean the car dealership was during your visit, to the amount of inventory you were able to choose from; all the way down to the professionalism of the sales staff. The manufacturer then converts this into a standardized score to rate the dealership.

Simply knowing about the CSI and how it affects a dealership and the salesperson you’re working with gives you an advantage. Some car dealerships will even go so far as to coach a buyer into giving them the best possible score – that’s how important the CSI is to them.

While you will have already negotiated with multiple car dealerships over the telephone or the internet before you go to a dealership, you will not yet have made your purchase. Before you sign the final sales documents you may subtly want to mention the CSI to your salesperson and how you’re looking forward to helping them get that well-deserved bonus from the manufacturer.

While this will not guarantee the car dealership will decrease the sales price further, but being knowledgeable is best, and it’s always worth trying. The dealership needs you to be a happy new car buyer to get a good CSI, and the best place to start is to give you a fantastic deal on the new car you’re buying.

Can You Say Win/Win?

Use the Competitive Spirit for an Even Better Price on a New Car

Even during a booming economy, competition plays an important role in getting a great deal on a new car. During tough economic times, it works even more to your advantage. Recently, the auto industry has been struggling due to a sluggish economy and consequently they are even more competitive in order to attract you, the new car buyer, into their dealership.

When you conduct initial internet research, and receive multiple new car price quotes you will be knowledgeable and ready to negotiate with the dealership for the best price. Keep in mind, car dealerships make money from incentives (bonuses) they receive from the manufacturer, as well as through reaching sales goals during specific time-frames during the year. If they do not reach their sales goals, then they will not get their big bonuses.

Use this to your advantage and organize the list of pricing information, along with customer incentives and rebates you have received with your free new car price quote, to quickly see which new car dealers are offering you the best deal. You are able to stay in your comfort zone and conduct all of your initial negotiations and research over the telephone or by email.

If dealers are offering you competing prices, use this information to negotiate the best price possible for your new car. They have 2 choices: Negotiate and lower the price; or lose a sale (and potentially, their bonus money). Which choice do you think a smart car salesperson will make?

When you have top certified new car dealers in Washington compete for your business, you are sure to be paying a lower sales price on a new car. Never forget: you are in control and they need you to buy your new car from them.

Simply take a minute of your time now and request a free, no-obligation new car price quote and have the top certified new car dealers in Washington compete for your business.

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