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How To Buy A New Truck In Ashburn Close to The Truck Dealer Cost Don’t Pay The Invoice Price Or You’ll Pay Too Much

Many truck buyers feel they’ve hit the jackpot when they buy a new truck at the truck dealer’s invoice price; especially when the salesman says that by selling you a new truck at their invoice price they’ll lose money on the sale. Don’t believe it,a dealership or any business for that matter that’s going to take a loss to make a sale; wouldn’t stay in business too long doing that.

When you read this informative article and receive your free new truck price quotes you’ll be able to tell a real deal from a trick of the trade. If you find that hard to believe, just wait until you receive multiple price quotes from competing truck dealerships and also get:

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What To Think About Before You Buy A Truck

The trucks of today have gone from the basic heavy duty work-truck of the past to multi-purpose and often luxurious means of transportation; in large part because of their versatility and conveniences traditionally found in the higher class cars.

Here are a few things that you need to take into account when evaluating new trucks, to ensure that whatever new truck you buy will fit the bill:

  1. Cab Sizes/configurations: Normally there are 3 standard configurations, although various manufacturers market them under different designations; regular, extended and crew cabs. Regular cabs normally have 2 doors and will transport 2 or 3 people. Extended cabs mainly add additional storage space and a full-size truck usually can transport up to 3 more people. The crew cab has 4 full sized doors and normally will carry 5 to 6 people comfortably.

  2. Seating/Passenger Configurations: The majority of trucks are equipped with a 3-person front bucket or bench seat; extended and crew cabs usually offer the option of either folding half the seat up or the entire back-seat up. Several of the new full-sized trucks will enable you to fold down the front passenger seat flat for a handy table-like area.

  3. Capabilities for Towing: The small trucks usually can tow 3,000lbs to 7,000lbs, based on how it is equipped. A regular full-sized truck with particular engine & suspension configurations can usually tow up to 12,000lbs. A full-sized heavy-duty (called super-duty by some manufacturers) usually come outfitteded with a 5th- wheel connection that raises towing capabilities up to 30,000 pounds.

  4. Fuel Efficiency & Size of Engine: Compact, smaller trucks normally have a 4/5/6/8 cylinder engine and many of the full-size trucks provide a base model with a 6-cylinder; however most of the full-sized trucks use a V8, possibly even a V10 engine that has minimal fuel efficiency. Full-sized Heavy Duty or Super Duty trucks oftentimes offer a diesel engine that generates a lot of power for towing/hauling and improved fuel efficiency.

  5. Drivetrain: The bulk of trucks offer automatic and manual transmissions, along with 4WD and 2WD. Many also offer traction-assist devices like limited slip/locking differentials, along with electronic traction control.

  6. Safety: Although the majority of trucks offer essential/basic safety features such as passenger seatbelts, along with side curtain and frontal airbags; stability control are more customary in full-sized trucks. Several of the compact trucks didn’t perform well during crash tests so buyers should watch out for backseats that weren’t planned for protecting passengers during a crash.

Why You Don’t Want To Buy At The Truck Dealer Invoice Price

The dealer invoice price is the amount the truck dealer says they paid the manufacturer for that new truck you’ve been eyeing. Strictly speaking, from a bookkeeping standpoint, that’s correct. In reality, however, the truck dealer cost is hundreds if not thousands of dollars lower than what shows on their dealer invoice.

  • This is because the truck manufacturer includes a ‘holdback’ which is a percentage of either the MSRP or the factory invoice price (between 2-3%). The holdback is to help the truck dealer with overhead costs to have a well-stocked inventory and is returned to the truck dealer. Truck dealers as well are offered rebates and incentives, in addition to regional sales bonuses when they hit their sales quotas.

  • Then we have the bonuses they receive for getting a high score on the CSI (customer satisfaction survey) that every automaker conducts after a customer buys a new vehicle; along with volume bonuses, increased incentives for selling last year’s model, etc.

  • In the extremely competitive climate where truck dealers are struggling, many will gladly settle for less profit; it’s better to have a percentage of something than 100% of nothing. When you’re negotiating the price of the new truck with that in mind, you’ll come in with a price that’s lower than the dealer invoice.

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