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Request Free & No-Obligation Local Car Price Quotes!
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Step 1: Request free & no obligation price quotes on the exact car you want.
Step 2: Approve which specific local dealers will be allowed to contact you - to submit their lowest sale price offer.
Step 3: Receive free price quotes from competing local car dealers. Shop competing local dealer prices from the convenience of your home!
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  • Leasing specials: no money down, and $180 monthly payments!
  • Special financing for bad credit.
  • Dealer holdback reduction specials: typically about 2% to 5% of MSRP.
  • Carry over allowances: sales offer 3-5% reduction of the dealer’s wholesale price.
  • Factory to dealer incentives: up to $2500 cash reduction from invoice.
  • Overstock clearance sales: up to $1400 below car dealer invoice.
  • Consumer cash rebates: up to $5000 cash back.


  • Price quotes are free, no obligation, shop from your home. No hassle.
  • 80% Reduced time negotiating with the car dealer.
  • Calculate true dealer cost.
  • Get free competitive invoice quotes. Find the lowest price dealer. Compare multiple price quotes on a new car from local dealers and verify that you have the biggest savings!

New Car Buying Tips

It's Easy, Dealers Compete, You Save
New car dealerships are competing more fiercely than ever to gain your business. Request free competing price quotes from multiple pre-approved new car dealers. Lock-in the lowest available price in your area before visiting the dealership. Gain the negotiation tools you need to guarantee paying the lowest price, hassle-free.

Secret Rebates & Incentives Provide Bonus Savings
Local car dealerships need your business and they'll offer incredible discounts if you know where to look. Discover secret cash rebates and special incentives by requesting no-obligation competing price quotes. Tack on the bonus savings and pay even less than your already low price quote.

No-Haggle Negotiation
Car buyers equipped with pre-approved price quotes, dealer rebates and incentives are guaranteed to pay less. Know actual dealer cost, factory invoice price, and MSRP. Pay less than sticker price, deduct bonus cash rebates, secret dealer incentives, and special internet discounts. Informed new car buyers never need to haggle. Request free competing new car price quotes and uncover the savings today!

New Car Buying Glossary

Car Dealer CSI Ratings
"C.S.I." stands for "Customer Satisfaction Index" is a system the Automakers have in place to monitor the consumers buying experience. It is a survey that is either conducted by phone or mailed to the consumer, after their purchase is registered with the Automaker. CSI surveys create headaches for dealers, that's only because your opinion is very important to their parent manufacturers. Your responses are meaningful to your salesman and the dealership. Most dealerships won't admit it, but you can use the importance of these surveys to your advantage. Many car buyers have reported to us, that it could mean negotiating a few hundred dollars discount from the final sale price, when they promised a good evaluation on the survey.

Dealership HoldBack
The secret profit of Holdback was introduced in the 1960's, as a way to ensure that dealers would have enough money to pay taxes. No dealer wants to discuss 'holdback'. It's money the dealer sends to the Automaker when he pays the orginal invoice, but the cash eventually comes back to him. The manufacturer holds back a fraction of the price of all cars a dealership sells (typically 2 to 3 percent of either the invoice price or the manufacturer's suggested retail price) then it credits it back to the dealer after vehicles are sold, usually on a quarterly basis. On a vehicle that stickers for say $30,000 the "holdback" could be as much as $700 to $800!

Consumer & Hidden Dealer Incentives
Consumer Incentives include up to $7,000 in cash back offers, Manufacturer Subsidized Leases, 0% financing deals, Secret reduced prices due Overstocked inventory. Hidden dealer incentives are factory-to-dealer cash incentives that reduce the dealer's true cost, so you can potentially buy the vehicle below invoice price. The Automaker gives the dealers a cash payment for every vehicle sold within a given time period. Automakers don't run the same incentives everywhere, because they gear them to the needs of each market. These hidden dealer incentives are offered on a regional basis to generate sales on specific models.

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