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The Actual Dealer Cost: How it Will Help You Negotiate the Price of a New Car

Many people make the mistake of referring only to the invoice price when buying a new car. What they don’t know is that the actual dealer cost will remove all the complications associated with car buying. Do you find yourself wondering how car dealers can offer prices that are ‘below the invoice price?’

Did you really believe that car dealers earn zero profits by selling the car below the invoice price? The actual dealer cost is lower than the invoice price and will truly reflect the fair price of the car. The fair price is the median between paying less while still allowing the car dealer to pocket a marginal profit from the sale.

Knowing the actual dealer cost or true dealer cost will help you to negotiate the lowest possible price on any kind of new automobile. The actual dealer cost will reveal hidden dealer profits such as manufacturer incentives and the dealer holdback. Simply said, the actual dealer cost allows you to gain amazing savings, even before you start talking with the car salesman.

How to Get a Sense of the Actual Dealer Cost

There‘s an easy way to find out the actual dealer cost. Simply request a FREE price quote and choose the car you wish to buy. offers the best new car competing price quotes, allowing you to figure out the dealer invoice, dealer holdback and other factory incentives to help you instantly figure out the actual dealer cost! After acquiring all the necessary pricing and discount information, you can get a sense of the actual dealer cost by using the following equation:

Actual Dealer Cost = dealer invoice price + options + destination charges – rebates – dealer holdback

This is an easy and hassle-free way to get the best possible deals and the lowest new car prices in your zip code. Using the actual dealer cost, you can make car dealers compete to give you the lowest price on the car that you want.

What Fees are Negotiable and Non-Negotiable on a New Car?

Here are a few of the negotiable fees on a new car:

1. Documentation fees

These are fees charged by the car dealer for vehicle titling, licensing and registration. The documentation fees are normally below $100 and are negotiable.

2. Transportation fees

The transportation fees can sometimes appear as a separate entry from the destination charges. In some cases, your chosen car dealer may want to pocket additional profits by charging you with a transportation fee. If you ordered a special model that’s not in stock, then the transportation fee is acceptable, but still negotiable.

3. Preparation fees

Car dealers will also charge you for “preparing” the car for delivery. This could mean anything from a simple body wash to applying wax to the paint finish. If you find out that the dealer is charging an insane amount for the preparation fees, you can choose to negotiate the amount or refuse to pay the fees outright.

4. Vehicle financing fees

Vehicle financing fees only serve to add additional costs to your chosen financing program. It is tricky to point out the actual financing fees charged by the car dealer, but it is always best to seek financing from sources other than the dealership in order to figure out the best offer.

Here are the non-negotiable fees on a new car:

1. Vehicle registration, titles, and licensing fees

These can also include emission fees, regulatory fees, and state fees. These are non-negotiable as the cost of licensing, titling, and registering your new vehicle is mandated by the regulating agencies in your state.

2. Destination fees

Destination charges are fixed fees imposed by the car maker. It is used to compensate for the cost of delivering the car from the factory to the showroom. The destination charge of a new car remains the same whether you are from California or Massachusetts, but it will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

3. Sales Taxes

Sales taxes are NOT imposed by the car dealer. They are imposed by the state or your place of residence and are non-negotiable.

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