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If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably figured out that the worst thing you can do is to think that by strolling into a dealership, uninformed, a great deal is just going to fall from the sky. That won’t happen in any economy, but in a bad one? You stand a greater chance of winning the lotto 50 times in one month.

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Determining The Vehicle That’s Right For You, Your Lifestyle & Your Budget

Before you start requesting price quotes, it’s important to determine the vehicle that will fill all of your needs, including your budget. Finding great auto internet prices is easy; but a great price for the wrong vehicle isn’t a deal – it can be a huge disappointment.

Grab a piece of paper and write down, the answer to the following:

  1. What is your daily commute? If you commute a long way, you’ll want a vehicle with good fuel efficiency.

  2. How many people regularly ride in the car? If you have a family of 5, that gorgeous 2-seater convertible won’t work.

  3. Do you need a lot of cargo space to carry tools, toys or whatnot? If so, read the specs of the vehicles to make sure it will accommodate those needs.

  4. Do you and/or your family normally drive to your vacation spots? If so, you’ll want a vehicle that will provide a comfortable ride, conveniences along with good fuel efficiency.

  5. Are you more comfortable driving a stick or automatic? Needless to say if you asked yourself “what’s a stick?” you’ll want to make sure the car has an automatic transmission.

  6. Do you and/or your family do a lot of off-roading for camping and/or live where the winters can be brutal? If so then you should consider vehicles that have 4WD capabilities.

  7. How large is your garage and do you plan to park your new car in it? If you have a small 2 car garage and you’re looking at large mini-vans, you might have a problem getting it to fit.

  8. Does your new vehicle need to accommodate a driver with a smaller stature or any physical disabilities? Keep that in mind; several vehicles come equipped with options to make driving much easier.

Determining Which Price To Shoot For: MSRP, The Dealer Invoice Price Or Neither?

When you’re shopping for a new car there are two primary price points you’ll hear: The MSRP (which is the manufacturer’s ‘suggested retail’ price) and the dealer invoice price. You need to know how each of them factors into getting a great deal.

  • The MSRP is the value the manufacturer feels the car could sell for; neither the dealer or manufacturer expects anyone to, but sometimes they’re pleasantly surprised when an uninformed buyer comes along that does.

  • The next is the dealer invoice price (sometimes referred to as the factory invoice). The dealer invoice price is what the dealership claims to have paid for a new car and, from a bookkeeping standpoint, that’s correct; however, there’s also a dealer holdback included in that price that amounts to 2 to 3% of the MSRP or invoice price that’s returned to the dealership. Then there are all of the factory-dealer incentives, rebates, discounts, regional sales bonuses . . . well, you get the idea. You factor in all of these ‘incentives’ the true dealer cost for the car you want to buy just dropped a whole heck of a lot from the ‘dealer invoice price’.

  • So, what’s the ideal price to shoot for when negotiating on your new car? The ideal price to walk away with would be under the dealer invoice price; you get a great deal and as you’ve seen above, they’ll still make a good chunk of change in profits. Keep in mind that even if they’ll only come down to their ‘dealer invoice price’ when you factor in available manufacturer rebates and incentives, you can still be looking at a final price that’s below the dealer’s invoice price.

So you’ve made your list and are ready to comparison shop to find the perfect new car. Start running your head-to-head comparisons by requesting a free, no obligation to buy price quote. Compare all of the features, auto internet prices, along with available manufacturer rebates and incentives currently being offered in .

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