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It’s always smart to shop at local competing car dealerships by requesting a FREE Car Quote, to compare with CarMax or any One-Price Dealerships. With CarMax, you get the same price online as you do in the store. But, if you are not willing to shop around, you will find a better deal that could be $100 or $2,000 dollars. If you went to a No-Haggle, one price dealer like CarMax, you would be overpaying. You would not know how much you are overpaying unless you shop around.

Keep in mind, there are many other aspects to the car deal than the sale price. You still need to negotiate financing or leasing, aftermarket items that every dealership will try to sell you, and if applicable, your trade-in. CarMax attracts a certain type of buyer – one who doesn’t want to negotiate. But, even at CarMax, or any other one-price dealership, you still need to haggle to over other aspects of the overall car deal.

Think about this: A typical car dealership makes most of its money from its finance, used cars (due to trade-ins) and the service department. A dealership makes the least amount of money with selling the new cars. They are willing to get you an amazing deal on the new car sale price, so they can make profit in other aspects of the overall car deal. CarMax or other One Price Dealerships, are no different.

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What Kind of Vehicles Does Carmax Sell?

CarMax sells a variety of new and used cars all across the country. You can begin your search online choosing from wide variety of new and used cars, trucks, or minivans with basement, no haggle, no hassle prices. Just remember, you are probably not getting the best possible deal. No haggle prices mean you are leaving yourself vulnerable to overpaying for your next vehicle. Not only with the sale price, but in the profit CarMax makes with financing your vehicle, your trade-in, and the aftermarket extra’s they will try to sell you after you purchase the car.

Why would a customer want to purchase a new vehicle over used?

  • Less maintenance: A used car has already been driven and you don’t know where is has been or how it was handled. When you buy a new car you can be confident it will not require the frequent maintenance of a used one.
  • Lemon Laws: When you buy a new car you can take advantage of state lemon laws, stating: if your new car is a lemon (new car found to be defective) then you can get new one, or your money back. This law does not apply to used vehicles.
  • Warranties: New cars come with lengthy warranties as well as roadside assistance; if you get stranded, help is only a phone call away. Used cars do not come with this type of car service.

When it comes to buying a car, either new or used, it is a big purchase, so do you really want to gamble your money on a used car?

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