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Important New Car Price Terms

Dealer Invoice

Car dealers run an independent business. Car manufacturers such as Ford and GM permit the car dealership to sell their lineup of new vehicles, but the dealer has to pay for the vehicle before they can sell it to the general public.

The dealer invoice shows the price the manufacturer charges the dealership for each new vehicle, including any options installed by the factory. Remember, all car dealerships pay the same price for a vehicle from the factory. The dealer invoice does not contain individual fees and other charges that vary among each car dealer. The dealer invoice is also commonly referred to as the invoice price of the car.


The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is also called the ‘sticker price’. In essence, the MSRP is the average price the manufacturer wants car dealers to sell the car for. Remember, the MSRP is fully negotiable and should not be your final price.

Dealer Holdback

The dealer holdback is a contingency fund for the car dealership. They use the dealer holdback to pay for selling expenses, advertising costs, and even to pay interest for the dealer floor plan.

The holdback allows dealerships to replenish their inventory and earn more profit at the same time. A car dealer has an average period of 90 days to sell each car.

If a dealership manages to sell the car in 7 days after it was delivered from the factory, the dealer might be able to keep the entire holdback. This is because the nominal interest charges incurred under the floor plan are small enough to be included in the dealer invoice of the car.

On the other hand, if the car dealer does not sell the car within the 90-day period, then the dealer holdback will be used to pay the accrued interest on the floor plan financing.

Although this can seem confusing, there is one important message to learn about the dealer holdback: deducting it from the dealer invoice will help you save anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

How is this possible? The dealer holdback is equivalent to around 1% to 3% of the MSRP or the dealer invoice (depending on the car manufacturer). For example, an SUV with a $45,000 MSRP will give you a holdback of $1,350 using a 3% holdback rate. If you do not to take this into consideration when negotiating the price, then the dealer earns an additional $1,350 from the sale of the SUV. That money could have possibly ended up inside your pocket.

Use the Dealer Holdback as a Negotiating Tool

Competing car dealerships will help you save money. You can use the dealer holdback as a negotiating tool to enjoy more savings on a new car. Here’s how:

  1. Request multiple FREE price quotes to gain an advantage over the dealership. Your price quote will provide you with a complete list of certified USA car dealerships offering the best deals, incredibly-low APR rates, and updated new car prices, all without setting foot at the dealer showroom.
  2. Do not pay attention to the sticker price or the MSRP. You should negotiate using the dealer invoice as the starting point. The middle ground is around a few hundred dollars over the dealer invoice. Do not fall for “pay below dealer invoice” pricing schemes. The dealership will NEVER sell the car without earning even a small profit.
  3. Deduct the holdback from the dealer invoice. This will give you a fair selling price — a price true to the actual cost paid by the dealer to the manufacturer. If you know the dealer invoice and the holdback, you gain more leverage to negotiate.
  4. If the dealership does not accept your offer, you can always walk away and approach the next dealership. Leave your number at the dealership and tell them to call you if they are able to propose a better offer. At that point, they know you are planning to visit a competing dealership. Use the previous dealer’s offer to negotiate a better deal with the new car dealership.

Making dealers compete is a sure way to find the best deals on the best new cars. Use the dealer invoice and the dealer holdback to negotiate a fair deal — and pay less than what others are paying for the same car. Get started today!- Request your free price quote and start comparing prices from trusted competing car dealerships in .

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