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Dealer Invoice VS MSRP: Why You Don’t Want To Pay Either Price For A New Car

It really isn’t hard to negotiate a good deal on a new car if you have all the information you need prior to contacting new dealerships. In this article we’re going to let you in on all of the reasons why you shouldn’t pay the MSRP, along with the rewards you’ll reap from getting competing car price quotes.

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There are two different prices you’ll run across when shopping for a new car: The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP and dealer (or factory) invoice price). For you to know the price you pay on a new car is fair (and a good deal) you need to know the differences between dealer invoice vs MSRP and the role each plays.

The Manufacturer’s ‘Suggested Retail’ Price is just that – the maximum value they feel an automobile could sell for. The dealer invoice price (a/k/a factory invoice price) is what the dealers pay the manufacturer for a new automobile. However, strictly speaking the dealer invoice is not entirely accurate; yes, the dealership paid that amount, but once the car has been sold they’re entitled to incentives, discounts, rebates, etc. that lower the actual price they paid for the car.

How To Buy A New Car Or Truck Below The Dealer’s Invoice Price

Let’s discuss the dealer invoice price a bit further. Again, the dealer invoice price is technically (from an accounting standpoint) the price they paid to the manufacturer; though the real cost can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars lower than the dealer invoice price.

  • This is due to the automaker including a holdback in the dealer’s invoice price; a percentage of the MSRP or the invoice price. This holdback is to assist dealers with various overhead expenses they incur to maintain a good-sized inventory and it is returned to the dealership (usually quarterly). Then as we touched on above, they receive incentives such as regional sales bonuses when they hit their quotas.

  • They also receive incentive money/bonuses when they receive a high score on the CSI (customer satisfaction survey); all manufacturers conduct a survey when someone purchases a new automobile and high scores rate a bonus. Then there are volume bonuses, increased incentives (money) when selling the last year’s model, incentives to sell slower-selling models and so on and so on.

  • In an economy where everyone, including car dealerships are struggling to keep their head above water there are many who willingly will settle for lower profits. Which would you rather have – a percentage of something or 100% of nothing; a smart dealer will make the deal and at least make some money. Keep this in mind when you’re negotiating and play the numbers to come in below the dealer invoice price.

How Competing Car Prices Will Get You The Best Deal On A New Car Or Truck

  • With a click of your mouse, you’ll be able to thoroughly research new vehicles and have the certified new car dealerships in compete to make the sale – while you sit at home in your comfort zone. You won’t be subjected to face-to-face sales pressure trying to get you to ‘buy now’ and you’ll have all the information you need to conduct your negotiations via the internet – where you’ll have the advantage.

  • In addition to your free new car price quote you’ll also receive the most current manufacturer rebates and incentives being offered in your area. Use them to your advantage if you’re negotiating between dealerships that carry different makes of vehicles – to get your business away from a competitor, they might offer you an incentive that is similar if you buy their make of car.

  • Organize the information according to car dealers who are offering you the best deals, along with the manufacturer incentives. You will need to easily read the information when you’re negotiating/encouraging competing dealerships to match a competitor’s offer.

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