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As you well know, the dealer’s invoice price is the lowest price that is associated with a new car or truck. There are many hidden fees and deals that go on behind the scenes between dealerships and manufacturers which can affect how much the dealership actually makes on the vehicle, but the dealer invoice price is the lowest price tag that exists.

Finding the prices that dealers pay is not an easy task. Dealerships go to great lengths to hide these prices from new car buyers, because they want to be able to make as large of a profit as possible when they sell you your new car. If you know what the dealership actually paid for the vehicle, they would not be able to charge you an inflated price.

By keeping real prices hidden and buyers in the dark, dealerships are able to jack up prices and charge sticker prices that do not actually reflect the true value of the new car or truck. Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing is not as hard to find, but even this does not show the true value of the new vehicle. The MSRP serves as a suggested price for dealerships. Manufacturer’s set a suggestive sale price for each vehicle to give the dealerships an idea on what they should charge for it.

Unfortunately, the dealerships do not use this price. They raise the prices even higher and the final price they land on is the sticker price that you find in the windows of the vehicles on the dealership lot. As a new car buyer you should never settle for paying the sticker price.

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Being in possession of all three of these pieces of pricing information allows you to assess the true value of the new car or truck you want to buy so that you can be sure you never overpay for another vehicle again.

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