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Edmunds New Car Price

In 1966 Edmunds began publishing car information guides to help new car buyers make informed decisions when they were considering buying a new vehicle. They brought this information to the online community in 1994 and have provided information on new car models to give consumers unbiased car reviews. They also have forums for consumers to discuss various new cars as well as a specific Edmunds new car price.

Now you have the opportunity to use the internet to your advantage and have the best pricing information from your local competing new car dealers delivered direct to your computer. Requesting a free, no obligation to buy new car price quote and receive competing offers and internet incentives, along with current available new car rebates car dealers are offering in .

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4 Things You Need to Know About the Dealer Invoice: Why it isn’t the True Dealer Cost

Car dealerships are counting on the fact that the dealer invoice, also called the factory invoice, can be challenging for new car buyers to decipher. We’re going to help take the mystery out of invoice prices, so no one can take unfair advantage of you.

  1. The factory invoice lists the price of a new car, along with factory installed options and destination charges. The destination charges are non-negotiable because every dealer has to pay to have a new car transported to their lot.

  2. However, the invoice price has been inflated with what is referred to in the industry as the dealer holdback; normally around two to three percent of the factory invoice price or the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Invoice Price), making the true dealer cost much lower

  3. While they can technically say this is the price they paid to the manufacturer for that new car you’ve got your eye on, dealerships get that holdback returned to them (usually on a quarterly basis). They might not have a legal responsibility to pass on any of that holdback to you in the form of a reduced sale price, but simply knowing about this hidden money maker will help you in negotiations.

  4. Just remember: Simply because one dealer refuses to share any of their holdback with you does not mean their competitor down the street will be as greedy. This is where competition will work to your advantage.

Learn How & When You Can Get New Car Dealerships To Compete For Your Business

If you drove to a new car dealer’s showroom and asked them for their best price, you wouldn’t get it. Even after hours of negotiating with them, you won’t come close to paying a fair price on a new car until you’ve negotiated with several new car dealers. Prior to the advent of the internet, it would have taken you days to go to every car dealership in to conduct these negotiations.

What many new car buyers don’t realize is that most all car dealers offer special internet price incentives, unveil these deals by requesting a new car price quote and receiving competing car prices through our service. You’ll not only save time and gas money, but eliminate the frustration and stress from pushy salespeople.

You’ve probably seen new car ads on television that go something like this: “We’ll beat or match any of our competitors prices!” The thing is they’ll only beat it by a very small amount – enough that they can’t be accused of false advertising.

The 3 key things you need to know to effectively use competing car prices by multiple new car dealers are:

  1. After you’ve received your competing price quotes from multiple car dealers in , put together a list according to who is offering you the best deal.

  2. Start emailing or calling the new car dealers that have the car you’re interested in buying. By having all of the information beforehand you can use it to pit the car dealers against each other. In other words, use their respective price quotes to negotiate the best possible price on your new car.

  3. One last thing to keep in mind when evaluating offers is to be sure you’ve asked what’s included in the price, i.e., documentation fees, taxes, licensing etc. Some shady salespeople will conveniently ‘forget’ to mention these additional fees so their offer comes in lower and you’ll head to the showroom – then they’ll mention it when you’re ready to sign on the dotted line.

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