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The dealer’s first offer is rarely his best one, although he’ll try to convince you it is. Car prices aren’t concrete, so pay attention to how timing affects the dealer’s offer- whether day, week, or month. Do your research before visiting the dealership to make sure the price reflects the true value of the car. Pay attention to the details from the start, so you know how to negotiate a car purchase and get the best deal possible!

When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

When consumers think about how to negotiate a car purchase, they focus on money and arguing tactics, but forget that timing is also important. As with any sales job, car dealers have multiple sales quotas to meet. With deadlines throughout the year, dealers may push sales to meet or beat their monthly, quarterly, and annual quotas. At the beginning of these periods, dealers may work harder to make a sale, so if you negotiate at the end of the month, quarter, or year, they may be more agreeable to give you a great deal.

Quota deadlines aren’t the only times car shoppers may have an easier time negotiating. Like any other employee, dealers are tired at the end of the day and want to go home. If serious buyers arrive toward the end of the work day, dealers may stay late to negotiate and complete the sale, and at the same time they may be willing to make certain concessions in order to speed up the process. If you choose this route, be prepared to stay late if need be in order to score these deals.

Another ideal time to shop for a new car is late in summer and early fall. This is when next year’s models arrive at the dealership, so dealers are pushing older models out the door to make room. However, just because these cars are one year older doesn’t mean they’re used. Many are brand new and even as updated at the latest models. Don’t overlook last year’s cars because the latest models are on the lot; you may save big.

How to Shop for a New Car

The most important part of shopping for a new car is to understand yourself: your shopping style, preferences, lifestyle, and finances. Do your research in advance so you won’t be swayed by the salesman’s smooth talk at the dealership.

Figure out what you value in your new car: image, safety, fuel economy, another feature, or all of the above. Once you narrow down your preferences, use the internet to search side-by-side comparisons of vehicles, so you can focus on every detail, like space and seating, that you may otherwise overlook. In addition to researching the vehicles, also look up both expert and owner opinions to find out how these cars really stack up.

Before you visit the dealership, calculate what you can afford and what financing is best for you. Research both the immediate and long term benefits of buying, leasing, and financing to figure out which option saves you the most money and fits your lifestyle the best. Request your free, no obligation to buy online price quotes to find the true dealer cost of cars in your area. You will also receive information regarding the latest available rebates and incentives.

During negotiations, make sure to stick to your guns and get the most out of your test drive. Pay attention to the details in the car and in the contract, to make sure you get the best deal possible on your new car.

Why Buy a New Car instead of an Old Car

The number one reason to invest in a new car is value. Although you may save upfront by purchasing an old car, you will inevitably pay more in the long run. New cars are notably more reliable than old vehicles. Even if you have a record of auto repairs and the owner’s solemn promise that any and all issues have been reported and repaired, a new car has an unmatched reliability guarantee. Even if a problem does arise, most dealerships offer warranties- up to 10 years- to fix repairs, so you pay nothing out of pocket. In addition to saving money on a reliable new car, you’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that you’re safe and secure on the road. Plus, nothing beats the upgraded technology, smooth ride, or new car smell.

If you budget, you can negotiate your financing and make the payments fit what you can afford. Plus, even though your monthly payments may be slightly higher, you’ll save on unexpected repairs. Then, when you decide to upgrade in the future, a new car retains a higher resale value, leaving you with more cash in your pocket. Figure out what you can afford and calculate the immediate and long term benefits of purchasing a new car, instead of a used model.

Don’t postpone buying your new car because you’re worried about how to negotiate a car purchase. Armed with the proper research and knowledge, you can score hidden discounts and negotiate even lower prices than you were originally quoted. Do your research before visiting the dealer and learn how to negotiate a car purchase to save big.

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