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In order to negotiate the best possible price on your new car, it is important for you to understand the pricing terminology used in the auto industry; specifically, the “MSRP”, “Dealer Invoice Price”, and the “True Dealer Cost”.

MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price): The “suggested retail price” says it all – this is the price the car manufacturer recommends as a starting price and it’s not even close to the price you should pay for a new car.

Dealer Invoice Price (also known as the Factory Invoice Price): The dealer invoice price is the amount the car dealer claims to have paid the auto manufacturer for a new car. Technically, from a bookkeeping standpoint, it is correct.

True Dealer Cost: Auto manufacturers offer their dealerships many incentives and discounts to assist with the overhead costs associated with maintaining their inventory. The true dealer cost is what the dealership actually paid for a car once these discounts and incentives are deducted from the dealer invoice.

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The Big Secret No Car Dealership Wants You To Know

What isn’t commonly known and is certainly not advertised by car dealerships is probably the single most important thing you need to know to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on your new car: Dealer “Holdback”.

The dealer holdback is a percentage of either the dealer invoice price or MSRP (typically between 2-3 percent) that is included in the dealer invoice, but is returned to the dealership once they sell a new car. This allows the dealership to offer the “great deals” you see in new car ads, such as how you can buy a new car below the dealer invoice price.

The dealer holdback enables dealerships to make a much larger profit on a new car sale. Needless to say, a dealer will not just offer to share their holdback with you; however, when you know about it, you have a very good negotiating tool (remember, it is a common ploy by salespeople to tell buyers they will be selling a new car at a loss). By being educated about dealer holdbacks, they will not be able to take advantage of you with an unnecessarily high price on your new car.

Be prepared: not all car dealers will be willing to drop the price by sharing part of their holdback with you; however, when you know about the true dealer cost before you walk into a dealership you will show the salesperson you’re an informed and educated buyer.

When you request a free, no-obligation car price quote, you will receive the most recent pricing information, as well as the tools to calculate the true dealer cost on new cars from local competing car dealers in .

Use New Car Incentives to Your Advantage

With new car incentives and rebates, you have the ability to reduce the costs of your new car. You need to know what new car incentives are available to ensure you get a great deal on your new car. You may find two comparably priced cars, yet when you factor in incentives and rebates one may turn out to be substantially less expensive.

By requesting new car price quotes, you will receive the latest available rebates and special incentives your local top new car dealerships are offering.

Car manufactures offer these incentives and rebates to encourage car buyers to purchase a new car from one of their dealers and not their competition. Additionally, there may be a particular model that isn’t selling well and they need to offer incentives to generate sales. Sometimes incentives offered are nationwide, other times on a regional basis – occasionally both.

  • Rebates: Rebates, also known as customer cash, or bonus cash, are paid directly to the car buyer from the manufacturer. More often than not it is applied to the purchase price of a new car or the finance price, if the car is being leased. Some manufacturers offer a bonus to customers who own a car of the same make as being purchased (loyalty bonus) or a bonus to encourage a buyer who owns a competitor’s car to buy their new car from them.
  • Dealer Cash: Dealerships receive incentives from the manufacturer to go towards advertising costs. While the dealership is under no obligation to pass on any savings to the buyer, it can help you during negotiations.
  • Low APR Offers: Manufacturers will offer low financing rates to new car buyers who finance their new car through them. Typically a buyer will need a good credit history to qualify, therefore, not everyone will be eligible for this type of offer. Additionally, in most instances, you will need to choose between a low APR offer or a cash rebate.
  • Special Lease Terms: Oftentimes automakers will offer special lease programs to provide lower monthly payments. However, pay attention to the fine print to ensure you really are getting a good deal and won’t be paying more during the overall lease term.

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