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Low prices occur at your local car dealers everyday, but when you compare prices and make these dealerships work against each other you can discover amazingly cheap auto prices.

When you think about multiple dealerships in one local area it is best to picture them as different species of predators trying to establish dominance over their territory. It is “eat or be eaten” in the world of selling new vehicles and dealerships have to constantly compete with each other to make sure they stay in business and stay successful.

This constant competition is a beautiful thing for a new car buyer and works to your benefit.

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Say you are ready to buy a new car. You have done all the necessary research and have narrowed down your options to a few different makes and models. Special Note- when preparing to buy a new car it is always best to have multiple options, this plays in to the competition aspect.

So you have your list in front of you and you are ready to start researching prices online. We provide free, no obligation price quotes for all of the makes and models you have in front of you. Our free price quotes give you direct access to prices from all of the competing dealerships in your neighborhood.

Compiling multiple price quotes for each of your new vehicles allows you compare each one and find the absolute lowest prices available.

This is where the fun begins… Pick out the top deals being offered, then use these offers to spark the competition. We will provide contact information for each dealership in your area. Call one dealership and quote the low prices and added incentives that are being offered by one of their competitors. Tell them you will buy from them if they can beat this offer.

Once you receive a better offer from them, take that to another dealer. Right in front of your eyes dealerships will start a bidding war for your business. They can afford to start slashing their inflated sticker prices and will start adding on great incentives to try to make sure you buy from them instead of another dealership.

The savings that can be achieved by forcing dealerships to compete over you are amazing. The difference can range in the thousands of dollars- all money that will never have to leave your pocket when you purchase your new car or truck!

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