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When you start your search for a new vehicle, take a look at the Mini Cooper, this timeless car has been revamped during the past several years and is ready to take on the road. If you want to feel like you’re a character in the Italian Job, then a new Mini Cooper could be right for you. Request your free new Mini Cooper prices and get access to dealerships with the models you want in today!

The Truth about the Dealer Invoice Price and the Dealer Cost

When you are shopping for a new car there are a few terms that you should keep in mind. One such term is the dealer invoice price. This is sometimes referred to as the wholesale car price and is what the dealer paid to the factory for the vehicle. However, there is something built into the dealer invoice price which a lot of shoppers are not aware of and that is the dealer holdback. The holdback is a monetary amount which is 2-3% of the invoice price or the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and is returned to the dealership from the factory once the vehicle is sold. This holdback is intended to compensate the dealer for any costs that may be associated with keeping the vehicle on the lot or showroom floor, as well as any other associated costs. The existence of the dealer holdback as well as any factory to dealer incentives means that the actual cost to the dealership is lower than the invoice price; this actual cost is referred to as the dealer cost.

Because of the existence of the dealer cost, it is sometimes possible for the dealership to sell you a car below the dealer invoice price and still make a profit.

The 2014 Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper has the reputation for being an iconic car that is fun to drive and ideal for city dwellers who don’t want to worry about whether they can fit into small parking spaces.

The 2014 Mini Cooper offers drivers several different trims such a Hardtop, Coupe, Convertible, Roadster, Clubman, Paceman, Countryman and John Cooper Works. The Base Hardtop trim comes complete with a 1.5L 3 cylinder engine with manual transmission, traction and stability control, side curtain airbags, Bluetooth as well as an MP3 player. It comes with several convenient and comfortable features such as split folding rear seatback, front seatback storage and much more.

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Mini Cooper Rebates and Incentives

Take a look at some previous Mini Cooper rebates and incentives. While these rebates/incentives may not be available when you decide to purchase, chances are that they will be replaced with other incentives which you can take advantage of, in any case they serve to give you a good idea of what’s possible.

2013 Mini Cooper Base Convertible:

-Available $500 college grad/student rebate, available to students who have graduated within the past12 months or who will graduate in the next 4 months (from the date of purchase or lease) from an accredited university or college with an undergrad, graduate or associates degree. Must also use MINI Financial Services. *Expires on 1/2/2014.

-Available select APR cash credit, credit bonus cash in the amount of $750 to be put towards retail purchase, available on select contracts using MINI Financing Services. *Expires on 9/30/2013.

-Available OwnersChoice Credit Bonus Cash in the amount of $750 is available towards the purchase of a new Mini Cooper Convertible. Available on OwnersChoice contracts financing through MINI Financing Services. *Expires on 9/30/2013

Using Rebates and Incentives to Your Advantage

When you want to take advantage of an available rebate or incentive on a new Mini Cooper it is very important that you don’t bring it up until you have already negotiated your low purchase price. If you bring up rebates and incentives from the get go then the dealer may try to deduct them from the sticker price, making it appear that he is giving you a discount. If you negotiate a lower purchase price and then bring in rebates/incentives then chances are you will get the best deal on your new Mini Cooper.

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