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How to Conduct Side-by-Side Comparisons of New Cars Like a Pro

Every new car buyer would like to do the same thing: Create their own side-by-side comparison of two or more cars they are considering buying. One of the first pieces of information a new car buyer should collect is pricing, to make certain they are within their budget.

The savvy car buyer starts off by requesting a free online price quote from multiple local dealerships, in order to be far better prepared for the next levels of comparison.

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Tips on How to Develop Your Own Vehicle Comparisons:

1. Vehicle Class Comparison

Most are familiar with the standard car classifications: Subcompact, compact, midsized, full size, etc. What people don’t know is that the classes were created by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a way to classify cars when testing for exhaust emissions and those classifications are actually based on interior volumes.

So a Bentley Continental GT is considered by the EPA as a subcompact car and a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe a compact car. Needless to say, comparing cars by this criteria is not particularly helpful.

Instead, use the actual interior measurements and what is most important to you. If you’re tall, look at headroom; if you’re built like a pro football player, maybe shoulder room is more important. Remember that an inch wider or an inch more legroom can make more of a difference than you might think.

2. Engine Performance Comparison

The de facto standard measurement for engine performance is horsepower, but when comparing cars it’s probably not the best basis. Modern engines of the same size or displacement with state-of-the-art electronics, dual camshafts and multiple valves per cylinder are all pretty equal in how much energy they can squeeze from a gallon of gas. It comes down to how the manufacturer tunes the engine and why you need to read the specs carefully.

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The Honda Civic and the Nissan Versa are both great cars, each with a 1.8-liter engine. The Honda produces 140 horsepower and the Nissan 122 horsepower. For most people, the comparison stops there. Both cars, however, will probably perform about the same in normal driving.

The Honda produces its power by spinning the engine faster to 6300 RPM, which is 1100 RPM faster than the Nissan. When comparing torque, however, the cars are nearly even. That means the push you feel as you step on the gas when the light turns green will be about the same for the Nissan and the Honda.

3. Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Comparison

The EPA is also behind the MPG ratings we see in just about every car ad on TV, online or in print. Originally, MPG ratings were based on the combination and volume of gases that came out the tailpipe. This led to some crazy numbers in the early days of the program.

Thankfully though, the comparisons are more reliable now, but they still are not exact. It is better to compare city MPG than highway, as most driving is done on surface streets.

4. Other Areas of Comparison to Consider

Other forms of side-by-side comparisons can be used prior to buying your new car, including researching the reliability of the previous year’s model. Additionally, the location and reputation of the dealerships who have the cars in stock that you are interested in buying.

Ask the opinion of family, friends and even strangers – stop someone in a parking lot who is driving the car you’re considering. You’d be surprised what people are willing to share.

5. New Car Pricing Comparison

While you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to wading through the specifications, features and benefits of one car model over another, we can provide valuable assistance when it comes down to pricing.

We are a new car buyer’s best friend – providing detailed price quotes, free of charge, from multiple new car dealerships in your area. Combine the new car price comparison with your own research and you’re ready to make an intelligent purchasing decision.

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