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The internet is a great resource for finding all the information you may need on the new or used car of your interest. While there are more popular sites, such as Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and NADA, there are still many other internet guides out there that service consumers need for education on vehicles. Yet, with the seemingly endless array of car resources, prices are always changing and are hardly ever reported the same from site to site. So how do you know which price is the most accurate? How can you be sure you’re getting the right pricing information? We’ve got tips to help you understand how these websites work, earn how much other people paid for the same car you are looking to purchase, and where to find find the lowest possible prices on a new car purchase or lease, so you can compare to Edmunds car prices.

The market for buying and selling vehicles is constantly changing. Two identical vehicles could be sold for two completely different prices on different days. Buyers and sellers fight back and forth every day and it seems impossible to predict exactly what a car is worth. So how do find useful pricing information on cars? Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and NADA are excellent resources for researching vehicles car pricing. They have full write-ups on new and used cars including engine power, safety features, luxury options, and customer ratings. These are great places to start off at when you want to research the vehicle you are interested in. However, they don’t assume they offer the most accurate price quotes. Researching the same vehicle on these three sites can turn up with three different prices, prices that could vary from each other by thousands of dollars.

Lucky for you free new car price quotes are available here. The best thing about looking up a price is that you can fine tune your search options to maximize your results. By entering your location you receive the most relevant prices, ones from dealers in your neighborhood. A price quote gives you up to date information, because information is continuously drawn from the sales that are occurring at dealerships near you, on a day to day basis. Learn how much other people paid for the same car you are looking to purchase. You can find out which dealers in your area are selling for the best prices and begin your planning from there.

Your price quote will also present you with the dealer invoice cost. This is the amount that the dealer paid for the vehicle before inflating the cost to the MSRP sticker price. Knowing the dealer invoice price is essential to negotiations. You can see the true value of the vehicle, then compare it to the price quote which shows you how much the dealer is asking for the vehicle, and from there you can devise a good starting point to start your negotiation with the dealer. Generally 1-5% above dealer invoice is a reasonable place to begin. Getting a free price quote offers you the inside information of car prices and can give you the confidence of knowing you are going to get the best deal possible at the dealership.

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