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Walking into a car dealership armed with online price research can mean the difference between hundreds, even thousands, of dollars off the purchase price. Such savings are even more valuable with a luxury car, like a Mercedes Benz, because the high quality typically means a higher price. Request your free price quotes online and learn how to uncover the Mercedes Benz dealer best price before stepping into the dealership. Its quick, easy and best of all its 100% free and you can get quotes sent straight to your home computer.

Invoice Price, Dealer Cost and MSRP- Know the Difference!

A new car has multiple values that aren’t identical or what you’ll necessarily be paying. Knowing the difference between the invoice price, dealer cost, and MSRP could save you big!

Remember that the car dealership is the middle man between the manufacturer and you, the customer. Before you can purchase, or even view, a new car, the dealership must purchase it from the manufacturer for the invoice price. The dealer invoice is based on the basic configuration of a make and model, plus any additional features, and does not include any fees from individual dealers. This cost may differ from the actual price paid. The factory invoice is the final price that the dealership will pay and includes any special incentives or holdbacks from the manufacturer that may actually lower the price 2-3%.

The MSRP, or manufacturer’s suggested retail price, is the manufacturer’s suggestion for the starting sale price of a car at the dealership. Although dealerships are legally obligated to display this price on every car, they are not obligated to charge this price. They can, and most likely will, increase the price in an attempt to earn as much profit as possible. It’s up to you to get the best price.

Make Car Dealerships Compete so You Get the Best Deal

As with all businesses, car dealerships are in constant competition to snag the sale and make the largest profit. Car salesmen may become aggressive in order to achieve this, but you can also utilize this competition to your advantage.

Before entering a car dealership, arm yourself with as much research as possible, so you won’t be easily swayed by the salesman’s tactics. Utilize free services like Competing Car Prices to request quotes from multiple dealers. Keep this information organized, so it’s easily accessible, and always ask dealers to beat the best price, even if they’ve already claimed to have offered the lowest price. By involving multiple dealers in your negotiations, you’ll force them to compete for your business, ensuring that you’ll receive the best deal.

Benefits of Buying a New Mercedes Benz

Buying a new car comes down to budget and personal preference. When purchasing a used car, you’re never guaranteed a totally accurate history, even if the previous owner was honest. With a new car however, you know everything is brand new and working perfectly. You can have peace of mind, knowing there won’t be unexpected maintenance costs. In fact, there shouldn’t be any maintenance costs for a while, especially with a manufacturer’s warranty coverage which can last up to 10 years or 100,000 miles. In addition to the warranty, many manufacturers also offer roadside assistance and alternate transportation, in case of car troubles. Also when buying new, you can customize the car to your taste, especially with luxury cars like Mercedes Benz. Luxury cars offer numerous features and options that aren’t available in more basic vehicles, making your purchase and drive that much more extraordinary. With all the perks of buying new, a little extra research to shop around and find the Mercedes Benz dealer best price is worth it in the end.

Buying a car is one of the most expensive and lasting decisions a person will make in his/her life, especially when considering a luxury vehicle like Mercedes Benz. However, if researched thoroughly and negotiated wisely, you can find a Mercedes Benz dealer best price and drive home your dream luxury car for less than you could imagine. Request multiple price quotes at home and receive the best price on your new car at the dealer. When you compare multiple new car price quote online, you can drive away a winner!

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