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Discover How You Could Pay Below MINI Cooper Invoice Price – MINI Cooper Competing Car Prices Equals a Great Deal

There’s never been a better time to slide behind the wheel of a new MINI Cooper. With MINI Cooper incentives and rebates combined with competing car prices, you could end up paying below MINI Cooper invoice price.

When you request a free, no obligation to buy MINI Cooper price quote, our database will search for all of the best available MINI Cooper rebates and incentives currently being offered in . You’ll also receive competing MINI Cooper price quotes from top certified MINI dealers in your area, so you can have them compete to give you a great deal.

Introducing the Affordable & Fun-to-Drive MINI Cooper

The unique, fun to drive MINI Cooper comes as a 2-door hatchback and convertible, with each available in 3 trims – Cooper, Cooper S and JCW (John Cooper Works). The Cooper is powered by a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 121hp and a 6-speed manual w/hill-start assist comes standard, while a 6-speed automatic is optional. The Cooper S receives a turbo-charged version of the same engine generating 181hp and 177lb-ft of torque, 192lb-ft at full throttle from the over-boost function. The John Cooper Works pumps up the turbo to generate 208hp with 192lb-ft of torque and a 6-speed manual is the only available transmission.

The base model is equipped standard with full power accessories, keyless entry, A/C, cruise control, 15” alloy wheels, height adjustable driver’s seat, tilt/telescoping leather-wrapped steering wheel, 6-speaker stereo system with CD player/HD radio/satellite radio/auxiliary audio jack and more. The convertible adds the full power convertible top with a sunroof and 16” alloy wheels.

The Cooper S adds the turbo-charged engine with firmer suspension tuning, fog lamps, sport seats, alloy pedals and more. The John Cooper Works adds an even more powerful turbo-engine, along with upgraded Brembo brakes, cloth upholstery and more. Both the S and John Cooper Works can be fitted with a limited-slip differential and a firmer suspension.

The MINI Cooper may be equipped with numerous high-end features, several that are offered in packages, to add heated front seats, leather upholstery dual pane sunroof, auto climate control, keyless ignition & entry, Bluetooth, navigational system, surround sound stereo; to name just a few of the upgrades a buyer can select from to customize the MINI Cooper for individual tastes.

The Reliable MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper hatch scored off the charts for reliability, with notable mention for its agile handling, quick and precise steering, fun to drive factor and surprisingly roomy cabin with ample front leg room. Reliability of future models is predicted to be an impressive 12% above average.

It’s no wonder why an overwhelming majority, 79%, of current MINI Cooper hatchback owners answered a resounding ‘yes’ when asked if they had it to do all over again, would they still buy the MINI Cooper.

In crash testing conducted by NHTSA, the MINI Cooper received a top score (5 stars) for rollover crashes.

Putting the MINI Cooper Up Against Competitors Volvo C30 & Mazda MAZDA3

The MINI stacks up nicely against comparably equipped competitors the Volvo C30, with a lower starting price than the C30 and a bit higher than the MAZDA3. You’ll save more money at the pump in the MINI Cooper with it’s astonishing estimated fuel efficiency of 29MPG city/37MPG highway, compared to the Volvo C30 way back at 21/29MPG and the MAZDA3 coming in with 25/33MPG.

The MINI Cooper offers a base 121hp engine, compared to the MAZDA3 with 148 horses and the Volvo C30 at 227hp. Both the MINI and the Volvo offer a basic warranty of 48months/50,000miles with the MAZDA3 at the back with a 36month/36,000mile warranty.

The NHTSA hasn’t rated the C30 and the MAZDA3 received an overall score of 4 Stars, with 5 Stars awarded in frontal impact crash tests.

What Others Are Saying About the Remarkable MINI Cooper

“The 2012 MINI Cooper packs great driving dynamics and good fuel economy into a small frame. Ergonomic issues are null and void once you press the gas pedal because the 2012 Mini Cooper is one of the best-performing vehicles in the class.”
-US News

“The MINI Cooper is the type of car that will get you the attention of onlookers but with a price tag most mere mortals could afford.”
-Motor Authority

“It’s a poor man’s Porsche! Say what you will about the size and utility of this lil baby. The styling of this car is well thought out, each piece relating to another. Kickin’ sound system worth its weight!”
-Automobile Magazine

MINI Cooper Rebates & Incentives

MINI offers customers money-saving rebates and incentives that could have you driving below the MINI Cooper invoice price. MINI, like all car manufacturers, offers these incentives on a limited time only basis and the examples of current regional MINI Cooper rebates and incentives we’re using for illustration purposes are set to expire 5/31/12.

  • A $0 to Motor Lease on the MINI Cooper hardtop – no money down, no security deposit with monthly lease payments under $250 a month for 36 months

  • As low as 0.9% APR Financing for 36 months

2 Things to Consider When Evaluating MINI Cooper Rebates & Low APR Financing Offers

Low APR interest financing is when MINI offers to finance your MINI Cooper at a low APR financing rate and could save you a lot of money over the long-term. MINI cash back rebates are given directly to you by MINI and can be used to lower the negotiated purchase price on a new MINI Cooper. There are two things you need to keep in mind when you’re evaluating MINI Cooper incentives:

  • 9 times out of 10, if both a cash back rebate and low interest financing are on the table you will have to choose one or the other. Manufacturers actually do lose money on these incentive offers so it’s only natural they would want to cut their losses.

  • You will need to have good credit to qualify for low interest financing. While there could be other financing offers on the table for those with less than stellar credit, the super-low interest rates are reserved for good credit customers. If you’re faced with a decision between the APR financing and a cash back rebate, simply calculate how much you will save with the APR offer [against the going APR rate] and compare savings against the amount of any cash-back rebate. This will tell you which will save you the most.

If you’re ready to see for yourself how competing price quotes could make it possible to pay below the MINI Cooper invoice price, simply request a free, no obligation to buy MINI Cooper price quote. We will send you the best and most current available MINI Cooper rebates and incentives being offered in .

When you combine money-saving MINI Cooper rebates and incentives with the competing MINI Cooper price quotes you’ll receive from top certified MINI dealers in , you’ll drive home with a great deal on a new MINI Cooper.

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