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Understand the RAM Dealer Cost and Get a Great Deal on a New RAM

If you are looking for outstanding performance, brute strength, and relentless power in a capable work truck, then the current lineup of RAM pickup trucks are ready to take the challenge. However, shopping for your new RAM truck can be made easier and more affordable if you refer to the RAM dealer cost.

The RAM dealer cost is the lowest price you can pay for your new truck. If you ever wondered how you can pay below dealer invoice on the RAM, then the dealer cost will provide you with the answers that you are looking for.

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You can try visiting multiple RAM dealerships, or you can simply request a FREE online price quote to get the best deals and the lowest prices while saving time and money. No hassles, no worries, and there is no obligation to buy. All the pricing information that you need will be sent straight to your computer, so there is no risk.

Introducing the Dodge RAM Pickup Truck Lineup

RAM 1500
The RAM 1500 offers hard-charging power with easy-going fuel economy, thanks to a 3.7-liter V6 that achieves an average of 20 MPG in highway driving. On top of that, the RAM 1500 is also smooth and comfortable to drive. The RAM 1500 is a clever choice for an entry-level full sized pickup truck.

RAM 2500
With the RAM 2500, you can push and pull a maximum load of 15,500 pounds while remaining in the plush comfort of its comfortable and high quality cabin. The RAM 2500 is a brilliant choice for a true workhorse truck, but it can also perform the duties of a family car.

RAM 3500
For really tough jobs, you need a heavy duty tool. The RAM 3500 is one such truck. It has the power of a small locomotive with the capabilities of an industrial vehicle. The RAM 3500 can tow a maximum load of 22,750 pounds, making sure that you have all the power you need to get the job done.

RAM C/V Cargo Van
The RAM C/V is wider, longer, and has more payload and cargo carrying abilities than the leading commercial van, making it a strong choice for business owners and family buyers alike. It also has a heavy duty chassis and suspension to effectively handle all sorts of tasks in total comfort and control.

Use Your Knowledge of the Dealer Cost to Save Money on a New RAM Truck

You may have heard of the dealer invoice before. If you heard right, the dealer invoice is supposed to help you get the best deals on a new car.

You might also be wondering how car dealers can advertise new deals that allow customers to ‘pay below invoice.’ The answer is, the true dealer cost.

The dealer cost will help you save money on a new RAMtruck because it will reveal hidden dealer profits, something that the dealer invoice cannot do. For example, the dealer invoice will fail to reveal the dealer holdback, which is actually an amount that the manufacturer will ‘pay back’ to the dealership after selling the car. How much? It depends on the price of the car, but the holdback will hover around 2% to 3% of the vehicle MSRP or invoice price.

The invoice price will also fail to mention hidden dealer incentives, which are special cash rebates given by the factory in order to ‘move’ or sell more cars. New car buyers who are not aware of the existence of both the holdback and the dealer incentives will end up paying more for the car, while thinking that they actually saved money on the transaction. The presence of the dealer holdback and other discount incentives allow the dealer to advertise ‘below dealer invoice’ pricing schemes while still earning a marginal profit.

But if you are aware of the RAM dealer cost, then you can enjoy huge savings and get low monthly payments, while allowing the dealer to still earn a handsome profit from the sale.

Request a FREE price quote and get the tools to calculate the RAM dealer cost without haggling at the dealership. This is the free and easy way to get huge savings and pay less money on your new RAM truck. Get updated pricing and leasing information without visiting every RAM dealership in your zip code.

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