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What You Need To Know When It Comes To Your Down Payment On A New Car ‘Effectively Negotiate A Great Deal With 0 Down Car Dealers’

Since you’re sitting behind your computer reading this article, you know how the web has transformed shopping. Nowadays you don’t even have to fight the crowds at the mall; you can simply go to the department store’s on-line catalog.

As it applies to shopping for a new car, there are a lot more advantages than just the convenience factor – though yes, it is nice to be able to shop for a car in your PJs. When car dealerships see that you’re shopping via the internet, they know with absolute certainty that you’re comparing prices and looking for the best deal.

When you request a free, no obligation to buy price quote you’ll be able to take advantage of special internet pricing that’s extended to our on-line customers. The dealerships know if they aren’t discounting their prices aggressively you won’t even contact them to pursue negotiations; you’ll just move on to their competitor.

You’ll also be able to conduct all of your negotiations via email, where you have the home court advantage.

Is Making A Down Payment Always Necessary?

No, it isn’t, and there are 0 down car dealers who won’t require a down payment; dependent, of course, upon your credit history/score and lender guidelines regarding the amount you qualify to borrow.

At this point, you might be scratching your head wondering how in the world a dealership could benefit from you making a down payment on a new car:

  1. That’s because your large down payment could lead to the dealership generating a lot more profits. Let’s put it this way: You and the salesman are negotiating the purchase price on your new car; they’re telling you what a great idea it is to make a substantial down payment because it will lower your monthly car payments, reduce any negative equity, you’ll pay less money in interest payments/finance charges and you could finance the car for a shorter period of time.

  2. While yes, all of the above are true; it really boils down to how the lender rolls. For the sake of argument, let’s say the lender will loan you $20,000 for a car with a wholesale value of $25,000. That means the dealership needs to get a $5000 down payment from you to make the loan work.

  3. Now, if you didn’t have a down payment the dealership could only make the deal work (i.e., get the loan approved) by lowering the price down to the amount the lender would finance. In other words, take an immediate $5,000 hit on profit. While that was an off the cuff example, you get the idea: They’re focused on your down payment, because they make their commissions off gross profits.

  4. The best thing to do, regardless of whether you intend to make a down payment or not, is start negotiations at the 0 down mark – right from the start; get that purchase price down. Once you have the price where you want it, then you can discuss how much (if any) of a down payment you want to make.

  5. Lastly, even if you’re working with 0 down car dealers, consider putting a down payment that would at least cover licensing and title fees, along with the sales tax; that way you’re not paying interest on those fees.

6 Tips To Read Before You Start Negotiating With Dealerships

Once you receive your free new car price quotes, before you send an email to the dealerships to start negotiations, review these tips to help you negotiate the best possible price on your new car:

  • When you do email the dealerships, keep quiet about the available manufacturer incentives and rebate information that comes with your price quotes; not until after you’ve negotiated the price down to where you want it. This also applies to discussing a trade-in or financing the car. Someone could try to charge you a higher purchase price for a vehicle with manufacturer incentives/rebates; possibly not give you a fair trade-in allowance.

  • Disregard the window sticker price, as neither the dealer nor the manufacturer expects anyone to pay that price; well, except when an uninformed new car buyer makes their day. Negotiating should start around the invoice price then subtracting the dealer’s holdback – which makes the price a whole lot less than the MSRP. You make an offer around that price range you’ll put the pressure on the dealership.

  • Since you’ve already done your research and received your free price quotes, email the dealerships; use the best offer (i.e., lowest price quote) and let the other dealers know you’re ready to buy – only if they will beat the lower priced quote.

  • Now if you want to be really aggressive you can come right out and tell the dealer that you’re aware of what they’ll make off a sale to you. This lets them know they need to take you seriously because you’re an informed buyer.

  • When you’re prepared to decline a dealers offer, make one last final offer and tell them that countering again would be unacceptable. You just need to show confidence, keep the door open for them to come back to you with a better deal – in fact, tell them if they can do better to let you know.

  • The last thing that will happen after you’ve negotiated a great deal will be executing the contract. They’re usually written along these lines: The sale price you negotiated will have the licensing, taxes and doc fees added to it to come up with the total price; at that point any down payment (including consumer rebates from the manufacturer and/or trade-in credit) will be subtracted from the total price to come up with final sale price.

Now that you’ve seen it’s really not hard to negotiate a great deal with 0 down car dealers or any other specialty car dealership, the only thing left to do is request your free, no obligation to buy price quotes and get the ball rolling towards negotiating a great deal.

Keep all of this information in mind and prepare to be amazed at just how low a dealership will go to get your business.

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