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Hold the Winning Hand When You Negotiate with Car Dealerships – The Advantages of On-Line Car Price Comparisons

If you drove down to a car dealer in and asked the salesperson for their best price on that new car or truck you want to buy, the chances that you’ll get it are slim to none. Even if you negotiated with them for days, you wouldn’t even come close to paying a fair and reasonable price – until you negotiate with multiple competing new car dealerships. Before the internet became a staple in American households, it would take days to perform these negotiations.

What so many car buyers don’t know is that almost all new car dealerships offer special internet incentives to encourage customers to come to their dealership and not one of their competitors. This is the reason why you’ll have the advantage when you request a new car price quote and receive car price comparisons through our free service. Not only will you save valuable time and stay in your comfort zone, but you will also eliminate the stress of dealing with overzealous, pushy salespeople.

When you’re reviewing the car price comparisons you’ll probably see quotes that vary by thousands of dollars. Let those dealerships with the high quotes know that you have much lower price quotes from their competitors. They’ll have two choices – make you a more realistic and competitive offer or lose the sale. In a downward economy, which choice do you think the majority of car dealerships will make?

6 Details to Evaluate When Comparing New Cars

  1. MSRP: This is the “manufacturer’s suggested retail price” and essentially is what the car manufacturer feels is the maximum value of a new car. Pay attention to this price. Don’t pay it, but pay attention to it.

  2. Gas Mileage/Fuel Efficiency: One car might be a few thousand dollars less than another model, but if that same car gets much lower gas mileage, you’ll pay in the long run at the gas pump, especially with today’s skyrocketing fuel prices.

  3. Engine: Really evaluate how you will be utilizing your new vehicle. If, for example, you and the family want to go camping and tow a trailer, you’ll need an engine with an amount of horsepower and torque to accommodate towing. If you’re a “built for speed” type driver and want your car to keep up with you, you won’t be happy in a car that only generates 130hp.

  4. Transmission: While many drivers are intimately familiar and proficient driving a ‘stick’ or manual transmission, many others have only driven an automatic transmission. Many models of cars and trucks come equipped with a manual transmission and an automatic as optional, others may offer an either or proposition. When you’re comparing different vehicles, factor in whether the car has the transmission you’re comfortable utilizing, or if you’ll have to pay more to have it.

  5. Powertrain Warranties: A powertrain warranty covers all or a part of the powertrain of an automobile and is comprised of the engine, transmission and drivetrain. If a mechanical problem would occur with a covered part of a powertrain, the automaker or car dealership has to pay for the repair. As different manufacturers offer vastly different coverage, do evaluate to see who offers a more comprehensive powertrain warranty.

  6. Roadside Assistance Programs: It can be very comforting to know that if your car breaks down someone will come to your aid. Roadside Assistance Programs do vary in coverage. Some are basic plans while others include the whole enchilada. Basic programs may only reimburse you for a tow while others may include full services like changing your flat tire, lost key replacement, help you if you get your car stuck – even bring you gas if you run out. Some of the vehicles on the market today include a wonderful bit of technology called OnStar where your car calls for help and reports exactly where you’ve broke down or had an accident.

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You’ll have all of the information you need to conduct an accurate car price comparison, so you can negotiate the best deal possible on a new car.

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