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Learn When New Car Dealer Sales Are Slow To Negotiate The Best Possible Deal On A New Car

The key to being able to negotiate a great deal on a new car comes down to timing; knowing when new car dealer sales are slow and dealerships are more motivated to cut to the chase. In this article we’re going to cover times when new car dealers will be more willing to negotiate a great deal, as well as several of the more common ploys unscrupulous salespeople might to pull. When you are an informed new car buyer, you reduce the odds of someone being able to take advantage of you.

With a free competitive new car price quote from top new car dealerships, along with current available manufacturer rebates and incentives, and new car pricing information, you’ll have everything you need to negotiate the best possible deal on a new car.

The best times to start negotiations with new car dealers are:

  • July – October, dealerships must make room for the next year’s models; they’re under enormous pressure to sell the manufacturer’s current models and this is a perfect time to negotiate a good deal. Dealerships and salespeople are offering a lot of incentives (money) by the manufacturers to generate sales; no sales = no incentive money. Many dealers will be willing to part with some of their incentives via a price reduction to you so they’ll get their bonus money. When you combine that fact with available manufacturer incentives and rebates, you’ll drive home with a great deal.

  • During holiday months (November/December) is an ideal time to get a great deal on a new car or truck. If you really want to save money, start negotiations with a new car salesman the week or 2 before Christmas when dealerships are devoid of customers. If they don’t have customers they can’t make a sale; if they don’t make sales they won’t make their quotas and will lose not only commission money, but their end of year bonuses.

9 Sales Tactics You Want To Avoid

Even in the best of times there will always be the bad seed who tries to take advantage of others to make a fast buck. When times are tough, financially, they crawl out of the woodwork.

Prior to starting negotiations with a new car dealer, review the following sales tactics that unscrupulous people might try to pull. There are too many professional and honest new car salespeople out there to work with any who would try these tactics on you:

  1. A popular sales ploy is trying to get new customers to race right down to a dealership by making all kinds of false promises, such as; “If you sign a contract by end of business today we’ll give you $3000 in options for free.” If anyone tries to get you to make a hasty decision, they’re not anyone you want to work with.

  2. Another all too common trick of the trade is ‘bait and switch’. For instance, you might see an ad for a new truck that is loaded with every option under the sun; at such a low price it seems too good to be true. Know what? It probably is and after you race down to the dealership and find a salesperson you’re told, “What a shame you didn’t get here five minutes earlier; I literally just sold that truck. But I’ve got a great deal for you on another!” Then they show you one that costs a heck of a lot more and doesn’t have nearly the amount of features that the truck in the ad came with. If that happens, don’t fall for it and leave.

  3. One of the other very common ploys is to make a new car buyer feel like a visiting dignitary; playing off their ego. Salespeople like this will want to introduce you to everyone in the dealership – from the GM to the financing manager. If this happens, immediately be upfront with your salesperson about not wanting to speak with other people. A good salesperson simply trying to be friendly will apologize and let it go; one who is trying to take advantage of you will keep pushing it.

  4. If you’re about to take a test drive and the car salesman tells you they need to hold your keys at the dealership (i.e., for collateral) say no. They don’t need your keys (your car is being left at the lot) and if negotiations head south you certainly don’t want to hotwire your vehicle simply to get away from pushy salespeople.

  5. Most of the folks you’ll talk to at the dealership will be speaking in terms of ‘low monthly payments’; not the vehicle’s long term costs. It makes a car seem like a much better deal than it may really be, until it’s too late. You need to stay focused on all of the long-term costs.

  6. Don’t let anyone distract you from reading the entire sales contract; especially the fine print. If you see anything in your contract that wasn’t part of the original agreement, tell them you want it removed. If they try to pressure you to sign anyway, leave; again, there are too many honest people out there to waste time with anyone trying to take advantage of you.

  7. You might have seen ads on TV where a company offers to pay off your current auto loan or car lease. What they don’t say is that there are usually steep fees to terminate a car lease early; those fees will simply be rolled into the new loan where you’ll pay interest on the penalties. Same applies to a balance on an auto loan. It gets rolled into a new car loan and if the dealer would go out of business you could end up being liable to complete the payments.

  8. You don’t need to provide a new car dealership with your personal information simply to get the ball rolling; your name along with a copy of your driver’s license should be sufficient. This is a ploy that some use to determine how much you can afford to pay on a new vehicle.

  9. “We’ll accept anyone’s credit application” is another marketing ploy that you don’t want to fall for. Just because they’ll ‘accept’ your application, doesn’t mean the lender is going to approve it. It’s simply another sales tactic to find out how much you can afford to spend and would hinder your negotiating abilities. They don’t need to run your credit report until after you’ve negotiated the price and are ready to proceed with the sale.

Now that you know when new car dealer sales will be slow, making it the perfect time to start negotiations request a free, no obligation to buy new car price quote so you have all of the information you need to negotiate an out of this world deal on a new car.

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