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Car dealers have one main goal: to make the sale. Because dealers earn commission from each sale, they want customers to spend as much money as possible. Experienced salesmen have a number of tricks up their sleeve to convince customers to spend more than they need, but buyers can take control of the sale by preparing themselves to combat these tactics. Before walking into a dealership, do your research, decide what you want, learn what you can afford, and stick to your guns. Price check new cars at home, so you pay only for the true car value at the dealer. Request your free new car price quote and get access to insider pricing information and offers from dealerships in your zip code today!

Dealership Scams to Avoid

Before jumping into negotiations, arm yourself with as much as research as possible. Take the time to understand your financing and personal needs so car salesmen can’t entice you with unnecessary features and costs.

Although not illegal, car dealers can mislead customers with false information. Salesmen may imply your credit is worse than it is, so find out your credit score in advance and know what interest rates you actually qualify for. They can also manipulate rates and monthly payments, so it seems like you’re getting a great deal when in reality, you’ll pay more for your vehicle in the long run.

A dealer may offer stellar monthly payments to entice the customer to sign the deal, but pay attention to the fine print. To make these rates possible, the salesman may have to extend the payment plan or balloon the monthly payments after a certain amount of time, which means in the end, you end up paying more for the vehicle than it’s worth. Such deals may be ideal for some people, such as those with poor or no credit, but understand your personal financing, anyway, so you don’t get sucked into deals that benefit the dealer more than you.

To bring customers into the dealership, dealers may offer special rebates and incentives. Understand that many rates are only available for customers with unbelievable credit, so offers such as zero percent interest may mean astronomical monthly payments, especially on short term agreements. Even so, always do your research to find as many discounts as possible. They may not be available, but it never hurts to ask. If anything, you’ll know the true value of a vehicle which can differ from the advertised price. Armed with insider information, you can take control of negotiations.

Always price check new cars because understanding the value of your car is also important so you don’t end up paying more than it’s worth. Car dealers may try to convince you to buy an insurance policy or upgrade by “rolling over” your current payments into a new agreement. Be careful of any offer or agreement with temporary benefits because over time, you may pay more than your car is worth.

Make Car Dealerships Compete so You Get the Best Deal Possible

When researching a new car, do more than simply avoid scams; take control of negotiations. Car dealerships constantly compete with each other to bring in the most customers and earn the largest profits. Take advantage of this competition by requesting multiple new car price quotes today. If you price check new cars with multiple dealers, they’ll compete to offer you the best deal and snag the sale. Arm yourself with this information when you finally go to the dealer. If you request that they match or beat the quote you have been offered elsewhere, they’ll work with you to make sure you don’t leave and purchase from their competition.

Car Buying Tips

Be prepared for lengthy negotiations when purchasing or leasing a new vehicle. Car salesmen have numerous tricks to entice customers into paying for more than they need, so do your research beforehand. Price check new cars by comparing quotes from different dealers. Having this information on hand during negotiations may mean the difference between the dealer’s advertised price and the invoice price, a difference can can be up to 20%. Also, understand the costs of certain features and options, so you can choose the options that you really need. It may be easier to drive away with a car available right on the lot, but you may end up paying more for features you don’t need. Consider ordering the exact model you want; doing so may take extra time, but you may get a better deal.

Most car dealers are honest salesmen, but their goal is still to make the biggest sale possible. The more you spend, the bigger their profit. Prepare yourself for lengthy and complicated negotiations with as much research as possible including knowing what you need for your lifestyle, financing, and preferences. Doing so may mean more time and effort in the beginning, but in the end, more money in your wallet. Price check new cars by requesting free new car price quotes online, before visiting the dealership, and take control of your negotiations today!

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