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Dealer Cost vs. Invoice Price?

Invoice Price is the official listed price the dealer paid for the vehicle. However, this is higher than the true car dealer cost, which is what the dealer actually paid the manufacturer for the car. When looking at dealer cost vs. invoice price you have to consider the dealer is getting financial help from the manufacturer. The dealer has to buy cars and sell them, and oftentimes the manufacturer will extend special holdbacks to the dealer to help offset the cost of purchasing the vehicles, advertising, and general storage and upkeep. Once these deals are taken into consideration the price the dealer actually paid for the car can be considerably lower than the invoice price.

How Can a Dealer Sell a Vehicle Below Invoice Price?

If a car has been on the lot for a long time, it is in their best interest to sell it. This is true even if it means less profit for the dealer; after all, it is costing them money by taking up the space other more profitable or fast selling models could be using. The need for the dealer to sell a car fast will enable you to get a price at or close to the true car dealer cost.

Making dealerships compete for your business is another great way to motivate a lower car price. Many dealerships will lower their prices below that of a competing dealer just to gain your business from the competition. You can use this to your advantage and make dealers compete for your car sale. Request a FREE Car quote from our large network of competing dealers in and compare the best car prices out there.

When Is The Best Time To Get True Dealer Cost?

There are times when you are more likely to get a car for dealer cost or close to it. If a dealer wants to sell cars fast, they will be more inclined to give you a great deal. Ask the dealer if there are any less popular models or color combinations that have been on the lot for a long time. If so, thhe might offer them to you at dealer cost because they would rather sell the car than waste money housing them on the lot.

Manufacturers also give bonuses to dealers if they have sold a certain number of cars. This is a great incentive for a dealer to sell you a car at cost, especially if you are one of the last customers before they hit their sales goal. They may extend to you a great discount just to speed up the sale.

Another tip to getting a good discount is to make it clear you are searching for the same model in other dealerships. Sometimes to compete with the completion dealers will sell you a car at, or close to dealer cost just to stop you from buying somewhere else. This also boosts the dealerships sales and they can get bonuses from the manufacturer, so everybody wins.

How Does Holdback Factor Into True Dealer Cost?

The dealer holdback is given to the dealerships to help them offset the costs of purchasing the vehicle, paying for advertising, and housing it on their lot. Factoring in the holdback brings the invoice price closer to what the dealer actually paid for the car – the true dealer car cost. The car dealer does not have to share this saving with you as it is money to help them, but if they are motivated to make a quick sale, they might be willing to share it with you. This is a great way to decrease the price you pay on a new car. You can even leverage this information with dealers to make them compete for your sale. Tell them “X” dealer is willing to share their holdback with you and if they can match it, then you will buy from them instead. It’s always smart to ask the dealer about hidden holdbacks, if they want a quick sell they might let you have it.

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