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The 9 Advantages of Buying a New Car Versus a Pre-Owned Model

  1. Personalization: You can find or design a new car that’s just for you or, at the very least, have a new car dealership search for the model that has the right combination of features you’re looking for.

  2. It Isn’t Pre-Owned: With a new car you don’t have to worry that it’s been in an accident or not kept up by a previous owner. The only wear and tear a new car has experienced is from the factory to the transportation carrier and around the dealership’s lot.

  3. Manufacturer Warranty: Like everything else about a new car, new car warranties from the manufacturer will be the best.

  4. Up-To-Date Technology & Features: New cars come with the latest technology, either as standard features or as options. With technology like navigation and entertainment being improved at the speed of light, your selection will be much better with a new car.

  5. Enhanced Safety Features: Car safety laws have become stricter (which is a good thing) and manufacturers have been forced to rethink the way they build cars. One example is legislation that was passed requiring all passenger vehicles to be equipped with ESC (Electronic Stability Control) by September of 2012. While other safety features haven’t been mandated, such as blind spot monitoring, they are becoming more common on less expensive cars as the technology becomes more affordable.

  6. Better Fuel Efficiency & Lower Emissions: With emission regulations in place, automobiles are even more fuel efficient and run cleaner, while becoming more powerful at the same time. With clean diesel technology being so prevalent, along with the higher selection of Hybrids and EVs, there are many new options for car buyers who want to leave an even smaller environmental footprint.

  7. Better Financing Terms: Banks typically offer lower financing rates on new cars, because they are worth more and haven’t depreciated. If you intend to finance your new car, check out various financing terms to get the best deal. Keep in mind that the cheapest new car might not be the better deal in the long run.

  8. Maintenance Costs: Many new automobiles, primarily luxury brands, include free scheduled maintenance for a specific period of time/mileage. These cost saving programs should be considered, when applicable, in overall price analysis.

  9. Time & Money Doing Research: You’ll spend a lot less time doing your research online for a new car, than having to drive to private sellers and used car lots – saving you a lot of time and money on gas.

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With the internet becoming a daily part of our lives, the days of having to drive from car dealership to car dealership and deal with the hassle of high pressure sales tactics are over. With an already competitive industry being faced with the tough economic challenges of today’s market, automakers have to be even more competitive in order to keep their doors open.

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