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Learn How You Could Pay Below the Honda Pilot Invoice Price

With all the different pricing terminology that’s thrown around during the car buying process, it’s no wonder why so many people pay too much for a new Honda. In this article we’re going to break things down, so you clearly understand and can make an informed decision; one that could save you a lot of money in the process.

When you understand how the dealer invoice price compares to the true dealer cost and combine that with manufacturer incentives, paying below the Honda Pilot invoice price could be a click away. Request your free, no obligation to buy Honda Pilot price quote and have everything you need to negotiate the best deal possible on a new Honda.

What is The Honda Pilot Invoice Price & How Does it Compare to the True Dealer Cost?

The dealer invoice price is also referred to as the factory invoice price. It’s essentially the invoice the manufacturer provides the dealership with when they buy a new car. This invoice should contain all of the charges the dealership had to pay to the manufacturer and normally has the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (usually shown as the MSRP).

The invoice price includes the following:

  • The base price for the model
  • Factory installed options
  • Delivery/destination charges to ship the car from the factory to the lot
  • The dealer holdback (amounts to between 2-3% of either the MSRP or invoice price)
  • Regional advertising fees

If you look back at number 4, you’ll see a perfect example of why the invoice price isn’t the true dealer cost. That dealer holdback is returned to the dealership, usually on a quarterly basis. While the destination charges are non-negotiable (every dealer has to pay to have the car shipped), that dealer holdback can be used during negotiations.

Additionally, that invoice price doesn’t factor in all of the special discounts and incentives the manufacturer offers the dealerships, along with salespeople, to generate more sales. The faster they sell cars, the higher their incentives go. When you factor all of this together it’s clear that a dealership pays substantially less than the invoice price.

The Versatile & Affordable Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is offered in 4 trims; LX, EX, EX-L and Touring; all with AWD or front wheel drive. 3rd row seating, combined with abundant cargo space makes the Pilot ideal for families and/or individuals with active lifestyles. All of the Pilot trim levels come equipped with a 3.5 liter V6 250hp engine with exceptional fuel efficiency of 25MPG highway. The Honda Pilot is also a 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick.

The LX offers a telescopic & tilt steering wheel, full-power accessories, along with a 7-speaker audio system. The EX adds features such as a power driver’s seat, tri-zone auto climate control, Bluetooth/satellite radio and more. The EX-L offers further upgrades like heated front seating, leather seating, power-lift gate, sunroof, iPod & USB audio interface, as well as a back-up camera.

The sophisticated Honda Pilot Touring features a rear entertainment system, 10 speaker audio system along with a navigational system (optional on the EX-L).

Honda Pilot Rebates & Incentives

Let’s look at two current Honda Pilot rebates and incentive offers. Please note that rebates and incentives are offered for only a limited time, with the following examples set to expire on 7/19/12.

  • The Honda Pilot has a low APR financing offer of 0.9% for 36 months

  • The Honda Pilot currently has a leasing offer of $0 due at signing, $0 security deposit, $0 down, $0 1st month payment with as low as $340 a month for remaining 35 months.

Keep in mind that even though the above incentives will be expiring, with your free price quote we’ll send you the most current available Honda rebates and incentives, which could be even more attractive.

How to Choose Between Honda Pilot Rebates & Low APR Financing

If Honda presents you with the choice of a Honda Pilot cash rebate and low APR financing, the following tips will assist you in making an informed decision:

  1. Honda Pilot Low APR Incentives: This incentive is when Hyundai offers to finance your new Pilot at a low APR (annual percentage rate). These financing incentives are offered to buyers with good credit.

  2. Honda Pilot Cash Rebates: This is cash paid to you by Hyundai to assist with lowering the down payment, which in turn reduces the negotiated purchase price. These cash rebates are not determined by credit, so if you have less than stellar credit you could still take advantage of any available Honda Pilot cash rebates.

  3. Individuals with good credit who are faced with deciding between offers just need to calculate the amount of interest that would be saved via low APR financing (against the current, standard APR); then compare that savings against the amount of the cash rebate, in order to see which provides more value. One could also speak with a bank or credit union as to their financing terms and, if that lender offers attractive terms, consider financing through the lender and accepting an available cash rebate.

Now that you’ve seen how you can use your knowledge of the true dealer cost with manufacturer incentives, get on your way to negotiating a great deal below the Honda Pilot invoice price and request your free Honda price quote. When combined with competing price quotes from top certified Honda dealerships in , you’ll drive home with a great deal.

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