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How the VW Dealer Cost & VW Customer Incentives Could Save You Hundreds, Possibly Thousands of Dollars on a New VW

A lot of buyers feel like they’ve hit the mother-load if they buy a new VW at the dealer’s invoice price, especially when a salesperson says that by selling the car to them below their invoice price, they’ll be taking a loss on the sale. Right – a new car dealership will take a loss simply to sell you a new car.

When you read this timely article and receive your free VW price quotes you’ll know a real deal from a sales tactic. Don’t believe us? Well, just wait until you receive the multiple price quotes from competing VW dealers in and see price points all over the board on the exact same model.

Why You Should Consider Buying a New VW

  • Regardless of whether you’re behind the wheel or riding in the passenger seat, every VW is engineered to make the drive as safe as possible. In addition to passive safety, VW offers “Active Safety Features” such as anti-lock brakes, hydraulic brake assist, tire-pressure monitoring system, anti-slip regulation and electronic stability control

  • VW builds a quality vehicle from start to finish; laser seam welding, soft touch and premium materials wrapped in a sleek exterior with consistent tight gaps between every moving panel. With available premium features like Bluetooth with voice control, touchscreen sound system and push button start technology, this German crafted vehicle exudes quality from the ground up.

  • VW realizes that it would be an effort in futility to build efficient and high performing vehicles if they aren’t affordable. That’s why in addition to attractive prices, VWs have been engineered with value in mind utilizing fuel efficient technology like direct fuel injection and TDI clean diesel, power plus relief at the pump.

  • VWs are designed to get you from point A to point B before you can say WOW! With available performance technology such as turbo-charged engines, 4MOTION all-wheel-drive systems, along with DSG transmissions that give you fast smooth gear-charges and faster shifter abilities.

Is the VW Dealer Cost the Same as the VW Dealer Invoice Price?

The VW dealer invoice price is the amount the dealership claims to have paid to the manufacturer. Technically that is correct, from an accounting perspective. In reality though the VW dealer cost is hundreds if not thousands of dollars below what appears on their dealer invoice.

  • That’s due to the manufacturer including a 2-3% ‘holdback’ that is based upon either the MSRP or the factory invoice price. That money is to assist the individual VW dealerships with the various overhead costs associated with maintaining a healthy inventory. That holdback is returned to the dealership, usually quarterly. VW dealerships are also offered rebates and incentives, along with regional sales bonuses when they hit their quota.

  • Then there are the bonuses for receiving a high score on the CSI (customer satisfaction survey) that all manufacturers conduct when a customer purchases a new VW, volume bonuses, higher incentives to sell the previous year’s models to free up room for the coming years, etc.

VW Rebates & Incentives

VW cash-back rebates and incentives are offered by VW as enticement to the consumer to buy or lease a new VW. They also, like other automakers, may offer incentives on particular models that aren’t selling as quickly as they want. Here are the 3 main types of VW rebates and incentives that could potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new VW:

  1. VW consumer cash-back rebates/bonuses are rebates that VW offers that can help lower the negotiated purchase or lease price of a new VW. There are also special cash bonuses/rebates such as “loyalty’ bonuses that are offered to existing VW customers to say thank you for buying another VW; on the other side of the coin manufacturers may also offer a conquest (competition) bonus to a competitor’s customer as incentive to switch automakers.

  2. Dealer Cash are incentives (money) paid to a VW dealership to help with overhead and other costs. While the VW dealer is under no obligation to share any of these incentives with you by way of selling you a VW at a lower purchase price, it can play a big part during negotiations.

  3. Low and/or 0% APR Financing is self-explanatory. VW is offering to finance your new VW as a low interest rate. However, it’s important to note these financing incentives are offered to buyers with good credit.

If the VW you want to buy has incentives attached, cash-back rebate and low APR financing, in almost all instances you will be asked to choose which offer you want to accept. This is a very good example of why you need to know your credit score ahead of time, if you know you won’t qualify and you’re offered cash, take the money.

Locating the true dealer cost alone isn’t the most effective way to get the lowest possible price on a new VW – forcing those VW dealerships to compete for your business is the key to negotiating the lowest possible price.

Your free, no obligation to buy VW price quote won’t be from just one certified VW dealership in , but from multiple competing VW dealerships, along with VW rebates and incentives. Stay in your comfort zone and conduct initial negotiations over the telephone or via email.

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