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New Cars: Electric Vs Gasoline

April 4th, 2011

Despite great efforts from the government to push consumers into buying more expensive electric cars, car manufacturers are somewhat winning the battle by providing revamped, more fuel efficient new models. These new vehicles such as the Chevy Cruze have proven to reach over fifty mpg in the highway, a number rarely ever seen in the past years.

If you are buying a new electric car, you can apply for a $7.500 tax credit, even with such huge incentives, electric cars aren’t being sold in great quantity. On the contrary, big car manufacturers such as Chevy, Hyundai and Ford (ones not receiving subsidies from the government) are pulling successful numbers with it comes to car sales of fuel efficient cars.

The Washington Post recently published an interesting note on this matter. It reads: “…the best immediate hope for restraining the nation’s fuel consumption might be some new vehicles that, although powered by conventional engines, run efficiently because they have been stripped of unnecessary weight, streamlined to move smoothly and equipped with gas-sipping engines.”

Smaller fuel efficient cars not only cost less when compared to electric cars, but are easier to maintain. If you would like to compare hybrid car prices , please browse through our pages and request as many free price quotes as you like.