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The New Tesla Will be More Accesable Soon

April 11th, 2011

As we know, Volts, Leads and Roadsters are already on sale, however only available in some parts of the country.

US Government has been pushing hard by promoting Electric Vehicles these past 2 years. Most of the population believe this is mainly because this will help reduce global warning. But, the big efforts do not all rely on environmental reasons. If consumers in the following years switch to this type of vehicle, this will help cut down our reliance on foreign oil.

For these vehicles to become more popular will take time though, the available models are very expensive and therefore not accessible to all consumers. The gas powered autos present lowest currently car prices.

More EVs are expected to hit the market in the following months. Some of the models in the process of being launched are: The Ford Focus, The Coda Sedan, Honda Fit. Audi and Volkswagen are developing new models that would probably be available next year.